Get Writing! (The Smart Way) – Developing A Content Strategy, Step 6

We’ve thought long and hard about our market, we’ve come up with loads of ideas – now it’s time to put it all into action! Here are my tips for writing to a schedule that means you can get ahead of yourself and save time.


Step 1: What Type of Content?

Look at all the ideas you came up with in Step 5 of this training and think about whether some are big enough, and important enough to your audience, that you can turn them into products. These could be free products to help build your list, or paid products. Note them down somewhere else in a “product ideas” folder. Ideally, pick at least one to work with in the month in addition to all the blog posts you’re going to schedule.

Next, look at those ideas left in your “blog posts” idea folder and think about whether some of them would do best as video posts, curated posts, posts based on images, and so on. Text is not the only way to get your message across!

Step 2: Fill Your Editorial Calendar

Now take all your blog post ideas and use them to fill up your editorial calendar. You should have already marked special promos and holidays here, so you know whether you need special content for those days or not. This doesn’t mean you have to have everything written just yet, but seeing them visually in your calendar is going to make the planning and execution so much easier. It also means you’ll never sit down one day and have no idea what to write!

Step 3: Create Some Post Series

As you’re filling your editorial calendar, think carefully about whether some subjects could warrant a series of posts, rather than just one. For example, I couldn’t get everything about content planning into one blog posts, so I split it into this series you’re reading now. It made coming up with ideas this month a lot easier since I knew I’d run the series all month!

Step 4: Go Over Everything You’ve Planned

Before you start writing, go over everything you’ve planned and ask yourself whether it really fits with your purpose, whether it really solves a problem for your audience, and whether you’re properly tying it in to any holidays and business promos you’ve got scheduled. Jiggle things around to make sure your promos and blog post content all fits together at the right time.

Now It’s Time to Write!

Now that you’ve got your editorial calendar sorted – and don’t worry, you can still change it around in future if need be – it’s time to get writing! And remember to schedule your posts in WordPress once they’re written, so they will post out automatically at the times you set.

I recommend you try to write at least a week’s worth of posts in advance. That way, you won’t get behind if something gets in the way of writing one day. Plus, writing in batches like this really saves you time! Here are some other tips for saving time:

  • Set a specific day to do all of your writing for the week,
  • Set a timer for 30 minute intervals and focus on writing – and nothing else – until that timer ends,
  • Use PLR content and other shortcuts as a basis for your posts,
  • Spend a period of time writing outlines for all your posts, then when it comes to writing you’ll find it super fast,
  • If you use images in your posts – and you really should – find them all in advance for a batch of posts so you don’t waste time doing it individually each time.

Don’t Forget Your Marketing!

Yes I’m afraid there’s something else you need to do – market your content! Personally, although I write and schedule posts in advance, I always login to Facebook to post them up on the day they go live. You can also automate this task. I also schedule emails to go out to let my subscribers know when there’s something new to read – this is also something you can write in advance. Get into the habit of doing it – it doesn’t take long!

Your Homework: Fill up your editorial calendar for at least one month, and write/ outline at least a week’s worth of posts!

I’ve got one more step of this training to tie everything together, so stay tuned for that this week!


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