Perfecting Your Content Strategy, Now and in the Future

I’ve written about everything involved in developing a solid content strategy, so now it’s time to pull it all together and look to the future.


In Case You Missed It…

If you missed the content strategy series then here are links to all of the steps:

Tracking, Testing and Tweaking

Remember, none of your content strategy is set in stone. In fact, it will continue to evolve over time as both you and your audience grow and change. It’s a good idea to track which topics are doing best, which ones are leading to sales, which are leading to comments, how many visitors you’re getting, how many people are following you on social media and so on. Only when you really know what’s going on can you make efforts to tweak things and get the most from your content. And don’t be afraid to adjust your schedule at the last minute to suit unexpected promos and sales!

Creating New Content Vs. Marketing Existing Content

Although we’ve focused on creating new content in this training series, it’s important to remember to promote your existing content, too. Why work harder than you need to? A lot of what you write will be relevant in many weeks, months and years to come. Don’t forget to keep telling new customers and subscribers about it.

Here are some ideas for promoting older content:

  • If you launch or promote a new product, and you already have a blog post that could help add to the topic, link to it.
  • Whenever you write a new blog post, include links to any old content relevant to the topic.
  • Promote old post links on social media. Plugins like “Tweet Old Post” can help.
  • Add a popular posts widget to your site to draw attention to your best posts.
  • Include a “best of” list on your About page so that new visitors can quickly read some of your most useful posts.
  • Write a post roundup on a particular topic and include links to all relevant posts.

And don’t forget to reuse and recycle your content into new products, too!

I hope you have enjoyed this free content strategy training! And there’s a lot more juicy info to come, so subscribe using the links on the right!

Question: What have you learned? What have you implemented? Do you even have a content strategy or do you prefer to wing it?


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7 thoughts on “Perfecting Your Content Strategy, Now and in the Future

  1. Tamsin says:

    I’ve been winging it in the past, but I found when I’ve been more structured, I got more done …….. I’ve got to get back on track now!

    Thanks for some great content and tips, Ruth!

  2. Patti Stafford says:

    I tend to always skip the part about marketing my old content. That’s a great thing to do when you’re not in the mood to write, or can’t decide on a topic for the day—just go share some older content.

    Why don’t we think of these things when we need them the most? lol

  3. Joan says:

    All I can say is Thank You a million times! Such valuable pointers put so succinctly and clearly – you’re a star Ruthie 🙂

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