Top 10 Yoga Benefits


This top 10 tips guide, containing 10 benefits of yoga for fitness and health, is super easy to offer as a free opt-in incentive. (See full description and screenshots below)

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Online, information that’s easy to digest and put into action is always in demand. This top 10 tips guide, containing 10 benefits, is super easy to offer as a free opt-in incentive. You can then pair it with the full yoga product to complete your funnel and sell more products!

It also makes a great paid product bonus, epic blog post, useful set of Facebook posts and more!

PLR Package Summary:

  • Report: Top 10 Benefits of Yoga (6 pages in total).
  • Tips include things like reducing back pain, losing weight, increasing happiness etc.
  • 1,578 words, 6 images.
  • Easy to use as an opt in freebie, or to break down into blog posts, Facebook updates and more.

Here’s what the report looks like…