Tutorial: How to Organize Your PLR Purchases

I have heard from a few of you that you’re worried about buying PLR and not using it. So I’m putting together some tutorials to help make sure that this doesn’t happen!

The first step is making it easy to find the PLR you’ve bought on your computer, so here’s how I go about doing that…

First, remember that organizing your PLR means you’re more likely to use and make money from it. So please don’t think that this is a pointless task! Watch the video or read the text below to see how best to go about it…

Note that I made this video before I rebranded my site to “Content Shortcuts”, but all the info is still relevant 🙂

Step 1: Start by Coming Up With A Folder/ File System

Personally I have one overall “PLR Purchased” folder. Then I create several sub-folders by niche. Every time I buy a new PLR pack, I add that pack to the relevant niche folder. I also rename it something that describes it properly e.g. “Strength-Training-Net-PLR”. I keep the store name in the folder name because it means I’ll remember where I bought it from. That’s important if you run into any problems or need to check license terms!


Step 2: Note Down Extra Details in Evernote or Spreadsheet

Next, to help you keep track of extra info, and to make it easier to search for your PLR, you’ll want to keep track of it either in Evernote or a spreadsheet.

Option 1: Evernote

If you want to use Evernote, simply create a new “PLR Purchases” notebook and then create a new note every time you purchase PLR. Things to include in your note:

  • PLR pack name
  • Niche
  • Date purchased
  • PLR store name
  • Quick description of PLR rights
  • Sales page link
  • Quick overview of contents

Then, when you actually use parts of that PLR package, update the note with the date used and where/ how you used it.

Use the built in Evernote search function to find your PLR packs when you want to see what you’ve got available.

plrinventoryOption 2: Spreadsheet

Instead, you could put everything into an Excel spreadsheet. I won’t go into details here since Sharyn Sheldon has a perfectly good template you can download for free. Click here to grab it.


The key is to find a system that works for you – and that might differ a little from my system. But when you file your PLR properly, you can keep track of what you’ve got and actually put it to use!

[bctt tweet=”When you file PLR properly, you can keep track of what you’ve got and actually put it to use!”]

Question: Do you have a PLR filing system?


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11 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Organize Your PLR Purchases

  1. Edie Dykeman says:

    Great tutorial. After purchasing way more PLR than I could ever use, I ended up creating one file on desktop for all PLR, but also have separated out the toy and game PLR, weight loss PLR, etc. for the main topics. I didn’t think to have a separate folder for Used PLR. I’ve been renaming the article or even the pack, if possible, by adding “USED” at the beginning of the title. Sometimes I’m not able to make that change so moving to a folder makes much more sense.

    I also tried using a spreadsheet, but for some reason I fell away from that. I’m very much looking forward to how to use the PLR. Although I have my own system, such as it is, I can definitely use some pointers. LOL!

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Edie. The reason I like using a “USED” folder is because it just makes it more obvious to move certain elements from a PLR pack into it, not necessarily the whole pack. I guess the labelling would work with that too though!

  2. Bonnie Gean says:

    I have a similar filing system for everything I buy online. I call my folder “My Purchases
    and it holds sub-folders with names of the people I’ve bought from.

    Since I limit the amount of PLR buyers I buy from, I don’t feel the need to separate the PLR folders as I know what I used since I place it into a USED folder too. 🙂

    Great tips here Ruth… I’m sure anyone buying PLR will benefit from this post!

  3. Chris Winsey says:

    Thanks for this downloadable spreadsheet and the ideas. The challenge is that each and every PLR I have purchased has so many components it’s overwhelming even with a folder system. What I need are ways to dissect each PLR mega package for how I will use each component so I may need a spreadsheet for each and every separate PLR pack LOL. Just so much material.

    • Ruth says:

      I totally understand Chris. First, I would say that you don’t have to use each and every element of the PLR you buy (if it overwhelms you). Also, I’m thinking of including an overview and/ or mind map with every PLR pack I release now to make it easier for my customers to organise it. Sounds like it could help a little with this issue!

  4. Juan Rademacher says:

    Great tutorial Ruth, on an important issue… I have my own system of sorts, but it does not have as much detail as what you share. I got several valuable tips from you… I especially like the idea of a separate folder for “Purchased” and “Used PLR”


  5. Kit says:

    Thanks, Ruth, for some great ideas. I definitely need to organize my PLR and that is one of my goals for 2016. I need to do the same for graphics I have purchased so they are easier to find on my hard drive.

    Your system seems easy and doable!

  6. Lourdes says:

    Hi Ruth, Omg, I bought several PLRS and have only used 3 of them because I have NO idea where I put them and they are scattered all over the place! This is an awesome tutorial and I’ve set aside time to find them ( I’m a Mac girl too) and start organizing them this way. Hopefully, I can start using the PLRs and work on them. Thank you!

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