How to Use Social Media PLR – FAST

As I’ve said before, I regularly use PLR as well as selling it myself. One of my favourite ways to use it is for social media. Why? Because it’s so quick and easy! But how do I do it? Here’s one way to do it quickly…

shareasimage (8)Finding Content to Post

The good news is that many PLR providers now include social media images or text in their PLR packs as standard (I do in my most recent packs here), so with these packs you won’t need to do any extra work to source your social media content.

However, even if social posts aren’t included, it’s really quick to create it yourself. Simply open up PLR reports/ articles and extract sentences that contain a useful tip or fact. Add them to a text file or excel spreadsheet so you’ve got a batch written before you start to upload them. Click here to see Sue Fleckenstein’s blog post with more details on how to do this.

To help make this easier, I created an excel template for you – it’s very simple but it’ll tell you how many characters each post is (useful if you’e posting on Twitter)

>> Click here to download the social media spreadsheet template <<
(Note – this template is just for seeing how many characters each post is, and won’t work with the bulk uploader tool mentioned below)

Extra Tip: Branding Social Media Images

If you’re uploading images to social media, then I recommend using Pic Monkey or Canva to add your website name/ URL to the image. This will help to brand everything you share on social media and make sure people know your website URL if they want to find out more.

[Click here to read a tutorial on creating social media images using Pic Monkey – step 4 will show you how to add your URL and site name to the image, or follow the entire tutorial if you want to create social images from scratch!)]

Scheduling Your Social Posts in Bulk

You could just take your social media text and images and post them manually, as and when you feel like it. However, I recommend using automated tools to save time. Social media is about engaging with people, so don’t try to automate absolutely everything. Make sure you login every now and again to reply and share new things. Then use this automated strategy for the rest of your posts…

bufferStep 1: Sign up for a free account at Buffer – this is the tool I use. I love the interface and simplicity. And the basic plan is FREE!

Step 2: In your Buffer settings, choose which times of day you want to post your social updates. I recommend posting at least once per day. It’ll take some time before you know which time of day is best for your followers, but you can use tools like Facebook page insights and SocialBro to help.

Step 3: Gather the PLR in a single .txt or .csv file (all the tweets I provide in my PLR packs already come in .txt files ready).

bulkbufferStep 4: Head on over the the Bulk Buffer free app. Connect it to your Buffer account by following the instructions.

Step 5: Upload the .txt/ .csv file from step one and check all the tweets are correct before adding them to your buffer queue.

Step 6: Your Buffer queue is now full of useful tips! Rinse and repeat every time you buy some new social PLR. And don’t forget to login and interact regularly.

(Note – you could also use HootSuite for your updates or other social tools)

My question to you: Have you ever used PLR for social media updates? Please share in the comments!


12 thoughts on “How to Use Social Media PLR – FAST

  1. Fran Civile says:

    You’re sharing some great information in this post Ruth, particularly the extra tip about branding social images!

    I recently starting using Buffer and I agree with you about it being helpful although I’m still fairly inexperienced with it.

    I’m going to share this information on my blog in a curation post that I’ll enter into Kelly McCausey’s 21 days Curation Challenge!


  2. Edie Dykeman says:

    Ruth, I used to occasionally hang out on Twitter when it was new to me, but the last couple of years I only use it to promote an article or my latest mystery book review. I appreciate this information and I’m going to try it out. I’ve downloaded your freebie links for today (Friday) and we’ll see how it works. Thanks!

    • Ruth says:

      That’s why I like using the social PLR – so I can save time on the posting and then just login to reply to people and share links etc. which I find is more fun and less time consuming. But I must admit I tend to focus more on Facebook than Twitter.

  3. Antonio Matos says:

    Hi Ruth,

    First I would like to say that I haven’t use PLR for social media yet, it’s area that I’ll be doing in the near future.

    Also thank you for providing the free links in your post and, I do agree you with that saving time is very important. Then you could focus on other areas in your business.

    So Ruth thank again and have a nice day.

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  5. Rachel Young says:

    Great post Ruth, I have never heard of Buffer before. Scheduling out your social media is a great way to keep your content flowing when you are working on other aspects of your business. I will be sharing this with my list!

  6. Cynthia Dixon says:

    Ruth thanks so much for sharing this valuable information! PLR is great on so many levels and using it for social media really saves time and effort of having to come up with something to use on social media. Great ideas!!

  7. David Seay says:

    Ruth! I am happy to have connected with you. I am starting out as a newbie, although I purchased a lot of PLR several years ago. I never got the chance, my computer crashed and my external hard drive only wants to be reconfigured. I like your giving value heart and I promise to follow your example! My mission in life is the help as many people as possible create a healthier, more abundant life. Please feel free to visit my new sites, ie still lots of work to do! I would love for you to comment and to give me any feedback for improvement.

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