6 Quick Ways to Inject Personality Into Your PLR

One thing most marketers will recommend when it comes to PLR is to make it “unique” in some way. Contrary to popular opinion, this doesn’t necessarily mean rewriting it word for word. In fact, adding personality your content will do a lot more for your overall brand.



Before I get onto the tips, I wanted to give you some reasons why you might want to add personality to your PLR. Personally, I think you should be worrying more about personality than you should about the “duplicate content” myth (the idea that your site won’t show in Google search results if you have the same content as other people). Why? Because personality is what builds a following online.

Sure, you will want to rewrite content so that it’s different to every other buyer who is using the same PLR, but I think you need to worry more about your audience than you do about Google search results. If your audience enjoys your personality, they will enjoy all of your content – even if it happens to be PLR! And the benefit is that adding personality to your PLR will probably make it unique anyway! So it’s really a win-win situation!


1) Brand Your PLR

Whether you are using articles or eBooks, reports etc. try to always “brand” it to make it match your site and style. With reports and eBooks, this means formatting them to use your colours, your fonts and any other design elements. This can also apply to blog posts, where you can create heading and subheadings and include images (see below). With other content, this might mean minimal editing to give it your unique “voice”.

2) Add a Personal Introduction

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to use PLR, but it can also make more of a difference than you might think! Simply adding a paragraph or two to introduce the topic and how it personally applies to you will help you build a connection with your readers. I especially like doing this with PLR autoresponder emails, but it can apply to articles and other types of content too.

3) Change the Format

This will take a little longer than the tip above, but think about recording written PLR as video or podcast content. Without even changing any of the words, you’ll immediately personalize your content as people get to hear your voice and/ or see your face. As you’re recording, you will probably also find yourself naturally including extra personal anecdotes to personalize the content further.

4) Add In Some Visuals

Don’t just think about the words when it comes to publishing PLR content – visuals matter too! If you’re posting a PLR article as a blog post, add in some branded images that make it more “you”. You could even take some screenshots or photographs to better explain what you’re teaching your audience, or include some photos of you! Visuals can instantly take a boring, plain PLR eBook or article and turn it into something completely fresh!

5) Tell a Story

Stories are incredibly powerful in the online world – telling personal stories to illustrate your point will help your readers connect with you. And the added benefit is the fact that your stories will always be different to everyone else’s, making your content unique! Go through the PLR content you want to use and look for opportunities to relate to your own experiences. For example, you could be writing an article about perseverance and include your own story about training for a marathon.

6) Include Extra Resources

If you’re an expert in a certain field, then why not add to your PLR content, and show off your expertise, by including links to further reading? You can also include short snippets of curated content, where you quote someone else and include the link for your readers to read more.

Bonus Tip: Translate It

This only works if you’re buying English language PLR and you have a market in another language. But translating it is a great way to make your PLR completely unique to you!

My question to you: How do you add a personal touch to your PLR content? Or to your online writing in general?


4 thoughts on “6 Quick Ways to Inject Personality Into Your PLR

  1. Danielle says:

    One of my very favorite ways of using PLR is for storytelling – using the work as a jumping board to fill in with experiences, thoughts, and stories. I actually find it therapeutic, because once it the thoughts and words start rolling they just keep coming! I never really have a “plan” or a strategy for my PLR. I just go through what I have and pick out what I feel most like working with that day 🙂

  2. Robbie says:

    Great tips Ruth, and awesome bonus at the end. +1d it because I know Joey Atlas has his cellulite program selling overseas, so if you have any cellulite PLR I guess there will be people needing it, and with the tips you’ve got here, there’s plenty of mileage to be had.


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