Welcome to the NEW Content Shortcuts!

Welcome to the new version of Content Shortcuts! I’ve rebranded my two separate PLR stores and combined them with my blog. Keep reading to learn more.

What Has Changed?

I previously had my content in many different places:

  • Net PLR for niche PLR content
  • IM PLR Guides for IM and business content
  • Content Shortcuts for my blog
  • And Content Clubs for my PLR memberships


So I decided to combine my two PLR stores and my blog into the newly-rebranded Content Shortcuts! All the products that were there are now here 🙂

How Does This Affect Past Customers?

If you were a customer of Net PLR then you will be able to login here with your old username and see your order details, download your files etc.

However, if you were a customer at IM PLR Guides I’m afraid you’ll need to register, and you won’t be able to see your own downloads. (You can, however, click here to access the old account area which I will keep live for a while to give you a chance to get your downloads).

If you’re a member of my Fitness or Toy Content Clubs then your download area has not changed – click here to login.

*NEW* Answers to A Few Questions

I had a few questions about the new site, so here’s a quick rundown:

  • Does this affect my Fitness or Toy Content Club membership? No it doesn’t. Your membership status has not changed and you still have to login separately – click here for the login page.
  • Why Isn’t My Old Username Working? I transferred all usernames over from NetPLR.com, so if you had an account there you will have an account here. However, I was unable to transfer usernames from IMPLRGuides.com or my Content Clubs memberships. Try using the lost password function on the login page first, then you can always contact me to double check, or else just register for a new account.
  • I Didn’t Get My Freebie Download Link! If you just signed up to get my Free PLR offer then I’m sorry the download link for the free articles wasn’t working! I have now fixed it so please go back and try the link again (or contact me if you can’t find it).
  • Will You Be Releasing Hot Holiday Toy PLR for 2015? Yes! I already have the pack written, waiting for release October 1 – stay tuned!!
  • Help! I Found Another Broken Link: Please let me know if you do, because there are a few small things I’ve missed!
  • Why the Change? Ah, that’s a subject for a future blog post 😉

Still Got Questions? Having Any Problems?

If you need any help at all, click here to contact me and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!


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