Behind the Scenes: My Business Goals for October

Every month, I share a few key goals for my blog and business. This is a great way to keep myself accountable, and to share a little “behind the scenes” work with all of you. Today it’s time to see how I did in September, and to share what’s in store for October…



1) Plan the Rest of the Year: OK, I haven’t quite managed to plan out the entire year, but I do have a good product release and email plan up until the end of November. I felt this was necessary as I’m moving house this month, and I don’t want the income to slip. I always find that when I plan in advance to release products or send emails, I am far more likely to stick to that plan. Planning in this way really makes a big difference to my income.

2) Put Together Some New Freebies & Reorganise My Email Lists: I have the ideas, but it’s not quite done yet. My idea is to segment my lists in a smart way so that people get more of what they want and less of what they don’t. To do this, I need some new freebies so people can indicate what people are interested in. I have the ideas, and I’ve made progress organising my email lists in Aweber behind the scenes, but I’m yet to put the plan into action.

3) Relaunch My Blog & PLR Store: I did it! I still need to tweak some things, and I want to write a blog post about the progress, but it’s mainly done. Yay 🙂


Not really any huge goals this month, but I already have a lot on my plate, so I feel like if I can achieve these three I will have achieved a lot!

1) Consistently Post On This Blog: One of the big reasons for my switch to “Content Shortcuts” was that I wanted to make the blog and community a bigger part of my business. So the first goal is to post here consistently, at least once a week throughout the month. I am going to plan all my posts this week to help me stick to this goal.

2) Plan a New Challenge: I really want to do something to kickstart the new website, help my readers and build up the sense of community, so I’m going to plan and host a new challenge based around content. I want to run this either late this month or in November – and it’s going to be full of lots of useful FREE content!

3) Keep Things Going Strong: As I mentioned above, I’m moving later this month. I am worried it’s going to really affect my work and that my income will drop. Of course, sometimes this can’t be helped and we just need to take time out. However, I’m going to do my best to keep things going strong by following my plan and getting things done in advance. I feel like this last quarter needs to be a really strong one!

Let me know in the comments what your goals are for October!


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