Behind the Scenes: My Business Goals for November

Every month, I share a few key goals for my blog and business. This is a great way to keep myself accountable, and to share a little “behind the scenes” work with all of you. Today it’s time to see how I did in October, and to share what’s in store for November…

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1) October Was One of My Best Months Ever (Despite Moving House): I am so pleased to say that I had one of my best months ever in October. This came under the goal I had to keep things going strong while I moved house. The move was so stressful and I ended up having a lot more time off work than I planned, but thankfully the work I put in beforehand paid off. I put the successful month mostly down to 2 key things (aside from specific product releases/ affiliate promos):

  • I planned ahead – I made a lot of effort to plan ahead because I knew my brain would be all over the place (and I was right!) So not only did I plan product releases etc, I also wrote down specifics in my calendar, such as which emails to send on which days. I know for sure without this plan I simply would’ve slacked off. But seeing a plan in black and white kept me focused longer each day.
  • I have membership sites – Secondly, my two membership sites had their best months in a while due to previous work I’d put in to drive up member numbers. Memberships can be hard – I’ve been running mine for over a year each now, so inevitably some members have cancelled. However, in September and October I recruited many more new members at a higher rate, which helped boost my income a lot this month.

2) Consistently Post On This Blog: It’s pretty clear I failed at this, but I don’t mind because some things have to give when you’re moving! I am back up and running now and that’s what matters 😉

3) Plan a New Challenge: I have made lots of progress on creating a challenge for my followers, one that will really be useful to you and one that will be easy to implement in a limited time period each day.

One thing I did in October was run a survey, and I highly recommend you consider doing this for your own business. I made more effort with this survey than I’ve ever done before – I gave every participant a free $10 PLR voucher and I think it was more than worth this “cost”. I have learnt so much about you and have so many great ideas. Watch this space to see me implement them!

(By the way, it was Leonie Dawson’s “Double Your Biz 365” course that inspired me to run this survey. I highly recommend her Academy as an amazing learning resource and community)


1) Run a BIG PLR Launch: This month I want to run a big PLR launch, bigger than anything I’ve done before. I’ve already planned the pack and a release date – November 23. It’s a healthy diet topic and I think you’ll love it! I’m putting together lots of content for the main pack, plus brand new backend offers for those who want even more PLR.

2) Run A Proper Set of Facebook Ads: I have dabbled in Facebook ads before, but never too seriously. So I’ve decided to run a proper set of Facebook ads in November. I already have 5 Dollar Posts by Ron Douglas so my plan is to use this to promote my big PLR launch nearer the end of the month.

3) Start Planning for 2016 (& Make Sure I End 2015 With A Bang!): I am totally ready to start planning for 2016 but I’m also aware that we still have time left in 2015 and I want to make it count! I feel like I am making some huge changes in my business right now, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the December update 😉

Let me know in the comments what your goals are for November!


2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: My Business Goals for November

  1. Michael says:

    Congratulations on all your efforts. Make sure to take some “Me Time” so you don’t run out of steam.
    Am looking forward for the Nov PLR package.

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