Behind the Scenes: My Business Goals for December

Every month, I share a few key goals for my blog and business. This is a great way to keep myself accountable, and to share a little “behind the scenes” work with all of you. Today it’s time to see how I did in November, and to share what’s in store for December…

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1) Run a BIG PLR Launch: Even though I moved house in October, it proved to be one of my best months ever. And I’m pleased to say that things continued upwards through November! This was due to a number of smaller PLR sales, with the bulk coming from my BIG Clean Eating PLR sale near the end of the month.

It was my big goal in November to do the biggest PLR launch I’ve ever done, and I ran this through JV Zoo for the first time. I am pleased to say that I fulfilled this goal and I ended up selling well over 500 copies through the funnel (which consisted of 3 PLR offers). It was very hard work. I worked really hard on it beforehand, and I stayed up for around 24 hours before and after the time of the launch, but it was worth it! I will definitely be running more offers like this, the next one in January.

2)Run A Proper Set of Facebook AdsThere’s no other way to say it – failed miserably at this goal! I was just way too busy with the work for the launch that I couldn’t learn what I needed to do this. It’s a shame, and it’s still on my to do list.

3) Start Planning for 2016 (& Make Sure I End 2015 With A Bang!)I feel like I’ve made some progress towards this goal. Since I was focusing so much on my big PLR release, I haven’t planned enough for smaller releases this month, which I will rectify this week.

In other ways, I am rocking it though! At the last minute I decided to run a PLR challenge/ course for all the buyers of my Clean Eating PLR pack. This has taught me so much already! It’s forcing me to put useful content out there, it’s great fun and motivation to interact with my customers, plus this is something I’m planning on releasing to the public in future. Plus I am learning how to run a Facebook group, which I’ve never done before! I feel like I had lost touch with my customers and this challenge has helped me interact with everyone – I have so many content ideas now from chatting with people! Seeing people using my products has also given me loads of motivation for my biz in 2016 🙂

I also have some goal planners for 2016 which I haven’t touched yet. I plan on starting this before Christmas. I’ve been very tempted to start already, but I didn’t want to start getting in the mindset that 2015 was already over, since we still have over 3 weeks left!


1) Take Some Time Off! Christmas is the only time of year my husband gets a good chunk of time off work (though he is hoping to quit that job soon and go self employed!) He also had some holiday days to use up so we decided to go and stay in London for a few nights. I really want to totally enjoy this time off. I really do love this time of the year and I always find that it flies by so quickly! So, while I want to end 2015 with a bang, I also want to stay organized and plan out everything to make it easier to take this time off.

2) Get On Top of My Emails: I have one big problem right now… I am taking far too long to reply to emails! I am so sorry if you have emailed me and I haven’t replied to you promptly (or at all!) Things have just gotten out of control. That is the downside of all the interaction I am now getting from customers. I am really glad to have that interaction, but I need to manage it better. I need to make a point of replying to emails within 24 hours (preferably sooner!) and I probably could use some help for a VA for those emails that don’t require the personal touch. Watch this space!

3) Plan My NEXT Big PLR Launch: This kind of goes with the planning I mentioned in the goal about taking time off, but I thought I’d mention it separately since it’s important! I want to plan another really big PLR launch for late January, similar in style to the Clean Eating offer. I need to get the details ready now so that I can get affiliates on board and so that I have enough time to create the content with less stress than the last one!

Let me know in the comments what your goals are for December!


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