6 Things I’m Doing to Plan for an Awesome Year Ahead!

It’s a new year and we are all busy making plans! So I thought I’d share a few things I’m doing differently this time 😉


1) I’m Writing Things Down (With Actual Pen & Paper!)

One thing I think has hindered me this year is being too glued to my computer screen! Sometimes I think it’s just good for the brain to take more time away, and to spend time writing things down with actual pen and paper. I am currently working on setting up my home office in my new house, so I’m making sure to incorporate a separate desk area just for writing without a computer. I’m also working hard to make it a nice environment just to sit in.

2) I’m Using an Awesome Physical Planner

Following on from the point above, for 2016 I’m using an awesome paper planning system. I’ve got the Shining Life & Business Workbooks from Leonie Dawson. Believe me when I say that these are absolutely gorgeous. I did have them for 2015, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t make full use of them!

The workbooks basically include loads of really insightful questions about your current business and future goals, with space to review these every single month. Constantly reviewing goals is what will put you in the top 1% of action-takers! The parts I did fill in last year were eye-opening. It’s amazing how much you don’t consciously think about until you’re asked to put it down in writing.

3) I’m Setting Bigger Goals Than Ever

Things have been getting better and better in my business every year, with a noticeable jump in 2014. I want to make another big jump for 2016, so I’m being bold and setting a bigger goal than ever before! I want to double my income, and I’ll break that down into smaller milestones to meet throughout the year. And yes, I am writing these goals down in my planner. I get a weekly 2016 planner with the workbooks I mentioned above, so I’ve decided to write in monthly money goals and even dollar amounts on days where I am expecting money to come in.

4) I’m Getting Super-Serious About Planning Ahead

I know I’ve already talked about planning above, but I wanted to create this additional point about planning the day to day things in my business. Things like when I need to order certain content, product releases, blog post schedules etc. This is already a work in progress but this year I’m going to get really serious about planning, and dedicate a day to it at the beginning of each month. The truth is, the times where I plan most in advance are the times when I earn most money! It’s not a coincidence – it’s because I don’t waste time wondering what to do, and I plan in regular money-making activities.

5) I’m Perfecting My Business Systems

I find that creating systems in your business – i.e. processes that help your business stay more organised and run more efficiently – takes time, but once they get going they make a huge difference. I already have several systems in place when it comes to content creation and planning, running my memberships, customer service etc. but there is always room for improvement. So as I plan for growth, I am also planning to introduce and perfect certain systems in my business.

6) I’m Focusing More on My Ideal Day

Planning isn’t just about working harder to earn more money. For me, this year is going to be a lot about focusing more on what matters to me. So I’m spending time thinking about what my ideal day would look like, and the steps I need to take in my business to get me there. I’ll share more about my plans in future posts, but for now I will say that I want my business to look quite different by the end of this year!

Are you doing anything differently in your planning for the year ahead?


PS. If you want something to help you plan your content for the year, I highly recommend Lynette Chandler’s FREE blog planner. It’s full of ideas 🙂

2 thoughts on “6 Things I’m Doing to Plan for an Awesome Year Ahead!

  1. Paul Gent says:

    Thanks for sharing Ruth!

    I love the idea of focusing on your perfect day. I think a lot of us plan things and put in systems that make us more productive, but does that mean we just do more work? Obviously that’s got to be good, but at some point you have to ask what else is important?

    I also find that if I write things down I tend to remember them better, whereas if I type them I may forget them quicker. One thing I’d like to do is remember some of my blog posts better, so if I see something on social media I can relate a post to, I could add a link. This of course helps get you noticed as someone who can help others.

    • Ruth says:

      Exactly Paul – I don’t want to work smarter just so I have time for extra work, I like to free up my time for things I enjoy, or learning new skills etc. Good point about remembering your blog posts, I also have a habit of forgetting about them when the topics come up!

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