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I don’t even bother with anyone else, if Ruth does not put it out, I don’t want it.
Warrior Forum Member
Sometimes there are PLR articles that are just too good and you really don’t want a change a thing to make them unique – this is one of those instances.
Warrior Forum Member - 4thstreet
Your articles are outstanding!
Kathy Williams
I love your PLR, Ruth! Your writing style lends itself well for molding it to just how I need it. High quality and flexible at the same time!
Nathan Devlin
Your Amazon review articles are the best!
Warrior Forum Member - Monetizer
I love being on Ruth’s list. I look forward to Fridays because of Free PLR Fridays (that, and it’s the end of a long, boring work week, but mostly because of the free PLR). And it’s good PLR in relevant topics, not just some junky topic that nobody wants. I have also purchased from Ruth and the quality and customer service is outstanding. Keep rockin’, Ruth
Kristen Bedard
One of the things I appreciate most is the variety of topics you cover and that your articles are so well written. You are a blessing to those of us who use PLR. Thanks!!!
Edie D
I’ve seen your work before and it is really out of this world. Your customer service is excellent and you leave your customers with a smile.
Ross Petal
Ruth is a terrific writer and a fine person. If you have any use for PLR whatsoever, do yourself a favor and get acquainted with her work. There are a handful of writers that are outstanding and Ruth is one of them.
Warrior Forum Member - cyberws
Topnotch articles – no fluff. Very well-written.
Warrior Forum Member
If you’re in this niche or thinking about it, Ruth’s fitness packs are the best I’ve seen out of all of the fitness PLR I’ve purchased (and that’s a lot of PLR).
Amanda Thomas
I’ve always been a fan of your PLR Ruth! When you said that you were going to be launching a PLR Membership site I knew that it would be great – but after signing up, it was BETTER that I had imagined
Warrior Forum Member - TheChickenandTheHawk