Questions About Done-for-you Content (PLR)

What is Done-for-you Content (PLR)?
PLR stands for "private label rights". In simple terms, private label rights lets you purchase articles, eBooks and other content and so almost anything with it. You could use the articles for blog posts and put your name to them, release them as eBooks and sell them and so on. You don't have to give us credit! You can even add to them, change them, or just use them as a foundation for something new. You can even give them away for free to build your email lists! The only thing you can't do is pass on the rights for your customers to use them in this way. They can only use them for informational purposes (though you should always check individual PLR sellers' terms before you use it in case they're more strict).
I Don't Understand What I Get When I Order From Content Shortcuts
When you order, you'll get a download that includes editable content files in both .doc or .txt form. This means you can edit the articles using a simple editor like Text or Microsoft Word. You can then copy and paste the content into blogs, websites, newsletters, eBooks and more. You'll also get a .txt instruction file with some extra info about your package, a .txt usage rights file, and a keyword list (unless otherwise noted) in both .xls and .pdf formats.
What Can I Do With PLR From Content Shortcuts?
With my PLR, you can do pretty much anything apart from selling it on! You could change it, taking things out or adding things to make it bigger. You could put it into email autoresponder series, read it aloud to make a podcast, create videos from the content, or put it into an eBook. These are just a few ideas!
Can I Put My Name As The Author? Can I Put Your Name As The Author?
You can put your name as the author of the articles you buy from Content Shortcuts, but you cannot put my name on as the author. Why? Because I can't control how it's presented or changed once it's been sold. You don't have to put anyone's name as the author if you don't want, or you could simply add "brought to you by [your name]" or "presented by []"
What Other Limitations Are There With Your PLR?
Here are the specific rights you get with articles from Content Shortcuts: Articles from Content Shortcuts are for you only - you cannot pass on articles or any rights to anybody else. You can use PLR articles on as many of your own sites as you wish. [YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it as the author. [YES] Can be used as eCourse, eBook or website material. [YES] Can be used for article marketing but must be rewritten completely. [YES] Can be added to a paid membership site (as long as it’s not a PLR site). [YES] Can be published on CD, DVD or physical book. [YES] Can sell for personal use only. [YES] Can be offered as a bonus (as long as you don't offer PLR rights). [NO] Can sell Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights. [NO] Can offer through auction websites or dimesales with PLR rights. [NO] Can add to a free membership site in any format with PLR rights. [NO] Can pass along (sell or give away) Private Label Rights in ANY format.
What's The Difference Between Selling For Personal Use And Selling PLR Rights?
This is a really good question. When you sell for personal use, this could mean selling on a PLR eBook to your customers to learn from. This is a fantastic use of PLR and allowed within the Content Shortcuts usage rights. However, you're not allowed to sell the PLR eBook or content with PLR rights like a PLR provider does - your customers won't be able to edit it, put their name on it etc. Only Content Shortcuts can sell the content like this.
Do You Have Any PLR That I CAN Resell With PLR Rights?
No, I don't offer any resell rights PLR.
If I Use The Same Article As Everyone Else, Will I Get Penalised By Google?
Nobody understands the inner workings of Google but Google themselves. However, a duplicate content penalty only really exists for putting duplicate content on multiple pages within your own website. Using the same content on different sites, or different people using the same content on different sites, does not carry a duplicate content penalty. That said, by adding to and enhancing the PLR content you buy, you may see better results.
Do You Have Any Sample Articles I Can Look At?
Yes! Simply sign up for my free fitness PLR and you'll get a new free article each and every week plus a full free pack as soon as you sign up.
Who Writes The PLR At Content Shortcuts?
I have written most of the content myself, though my team of writers may handle some of the content. I personally edit all of the content, and none of the PLR articles you see here have ever been sold anywhere else before (unless specifically noted on the pack page). Rest assured all the PLR from Content Shortcuts is original and high quality.
Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?
Due to the digital nature of PLR, there is a no refunds policy at Content Shortcuts unless you made a duplicate PLR pack purchase. If you are unhappy with your order for whatever reason, please get in touch and let me know why and I will do my best to help. If you are unable to open the downloaded files, again please get in touch and I will make sure you are able to use them. Simply fill out the form on the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
How Do I Contact You If I Have Any Problems With My Order?
You can reach my via email directly at ruth [at], Or through Twitter @ruthwriting, Or by using the contact form on this website.